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Let's talk Salt Sugar and Sex...

Insiders Knowledge: It’s all about nutrition ONE-ON-ONE with Brooke Negrón


Expert: Brooke Negrón

Business: Melly B and Bentos Salt, Sugar and Sex


POC Mag: How do you start your business work week off? Sundays are the most important day of the week. It’s when I meal plan my family’s dinners and the children’s lunch Bentos (that I photograph for @mellybandbentos). I also cook a larger meal and have family over for an earlier dinner. Sunday Supper is a priority. I feel when my home life is organized, it sets precedence for my business.

POC Mag: How did you become interested in nutrition? I was a teen when I started to seek interest in the “healthier” side of foods. Originally, I was planning to go to school for naturopathic medicine. That didn’t quite work out, but after several years I found myself where I belong, with my first love, nutrition.

POC Mag: What do you enjoy most about helping others get on the right path to a healthy lifestyle? I currently focus on infertility in both male and female. Working with partners to create a healthy life is the most rewarding! Especially when I get newborn snuggles in the office. Baby fever is the best!

POC Mag: What do you find most challenging about your industry? My industry is run largely by corporations and their personal interests. I’m frustrated often by the wrong information being out there. Or people thinking because they read an article about a superfood, they should only eat said superfood.

POC Mag: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Mainly color theory. I walk the grocery store or markets and get so much inspiration.

POC Mag: Where is one of your favorite places to dine at in the triangle and why? I love Fresh Levant because they have a salmon dish (Main entree) that is beyond amazing. The restaurant has dairy-free and gluten-free options which is refreshing.

POC Mag: What makes you stand out from the rest in your industry? I listen to my clients. I don’t feel enough in my industry do, as they want to just tell others how to eat/live.

POC Mag: Name (3) things you believe it takes to get to that next level of success?

I manifest EVERYTHING!

Continue to grow as a person and a business.

I listen and learn from it (mentors, clients)

POC Mag: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you and your business?

I, unfortunately, I had to stay home like many others in my field. I used that time to co-write a 21-day program and host cooking classes online for free as a way to help those going through a difficult time.

POC Mag: How do you plan on growing your business within the next year after some of this is somewhat behind us? I have another inline platform I’m creating for my bento and nutrition company. Big things are coming!

You can connect with Brooke on Instagram @saltsugarsex


More about Brooke

Brooke is a North Carolina-based Nutritionist, Health Coach & Massage Therapist. She holds a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from the Teachers College in New York City and is a Board Certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in which she is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has extensive training in over 100 dietary theories and currently specializes in the field of infertility.

She is certified in massage therapy and neuromuscular therapy and is currently licensed under the state of North Carolina. Originally from New Jersey, she has lived in North Carolina for ten years.

Brooke loves to cook, travel, and of course all things nutrition. When not talking about nutrition you can find her making Bentos in the kitchen with her 3 kids.


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