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Brittany Scott a Mother and Entrepreneur

Insiders Knowledge: Her goal is to help all mothers feel empowered.

Expert: Public Figure/ Mom Influencer

Business: The Millennial Mom’s Digest


POC Mag: Please introduce yourself? Brittany Alissa Scott is originally from Durham, NC. She graduated from The UNC- Charlotte in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology and minor in Women and Gender Studies. In 2017, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Zaria.

POC Mag: How did the idea for your business come about? Through her own personal battle with postpartum depression after giving birth, she felt inclined to create a space, where mothers could support one another; thus The Millennial Mom’s Digest was born in March 2019. The Millennial Mom’s Digest is a form of therapy for her, she never realized the impact it would have on so many other mothers. One day someone told me, if I want something from the Universe, I must first put it out there for others to receive; so I guess that was the mantra behind my idea as well.

POC Mag: What was your mission at the outset? The Millennial Mom's Digest provides a platform for mothers to gain and share experiences that will constructively shift the narrative surrounding millennial mothers, fathers, and families in general. One of the main focuses of this organization is to help all mothers feel empowered when they come forward about their mental health status and to dispel negative stereotypes/rumors that may shame a mother into silence. Encouraging mothers to continue their education and make alternative options readily available to continue professional development is another goal of ours. Ultimately our mission is to connect, engage, and inspire millennial mothers & their children.

POC Mag: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur? I’ve always wanted to be my own Boss but the real motivation to become an entrepreneur was wanting to wake up every day and put my energy into something that truly mattered to me. That's what sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest, at some point, it [your business] stops becoming a choice. It’s what you can’t live without, not for financial reasons but because it is your calling!

POC Mag: How did you come up with the name for your company? I know that I wanted “Millennial” in the title because we are such an a-typical generation...the name deserves recognition. The “Mom” part, honestly is by default :). “Digest”’s kind of what I/we/ all Millennial Mom’s do; we digest and release! (Figuratively speaking)

POC Mag: How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

A Lot of my market strategies derived from word of mouth. I started this brand as a simple Facebook group, and as people started to spread the word it quickly grew to nearly 1,000 members. Never underestimate the power of the tongue! I also use local events/ expositions, and conferences around the area as an opportunity to network with the public. Social Media is the bread & butter now, especially during this pandemic! I strategically plan and post on multiple social media outlets, use #hashtags to increase my algorithms, and also network with similar businesses online; just to name a few of my tactics!

POC Mag: How many hours a day do you work on average? 24/7. I am constantly working on business in some capacity.

POC Mag: Now you had a great opportunity to interview Iyanla Vanzant, how was that experience and what did you take from it? Iyanla was the opportunity of a lifetime! She was so confident and calming to be around, she spoke with a lot of assurance. She was extremely intrigued by the name of the organization as well and she also agreed we are a “unique bunch”. This was my very first time interviewing and I didn’t have any official videographer equipment. I just had my cell-phone. All this to say, I learned that at the end of the day people will invest in YOU, they will believe in YOU, so sell people on YOU!

POC Mag: Where is one of your favorite places to dine at in the triangle and why? Right Now I am stuck on Sho Nuff in Durham, NC Seafood! Those Crab legs are everything!

POC Mag: Name (3) things you believe it takes to get to that next level of success?Confidence, Perseverance, and Vision

POC Mag: How do you handle adversity and doubt? I truly am learning that you give energy to the things that manifest in your life. The older I get, the more I value the experiences that continue to help reveal to me my truest self because it guides me. The more I realize who I am as a Mother, Entrepreneur, Friend, and Daughter, the less I deal with adversity and when I do encounter it, it’s easy not to give energy to it because it doesn't align with my character.

POC Mag: How do you plan on growing your business within the next or two years? Within the next two years, I intend to grow my audience internationally and also take on the e-commerce world!

Photos Provide by Brittany | Scott Taken by @neekpoolephotography

Facebook: @themillennialmomsdigest

Instagram: @themillennialmomsdigest


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