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The Tribute to 6263 Albino Project

The mystery of the “Oyster® Albino” has inspired our collector of antique timepieces. He wanted to capture the singularity and uniqueness of this iconic model while lending his watch all the character of the Albino. The Rolex® Daytona® Oyster® Albino 6263 fascinates collectors for its rarity and unique aesthetics. The first piece would have appeared in 1971, and there would be only three in the world. It was made emblematic by its monochrome silver dial, which earned it the famous nickname "Albino."

This project is the result of an artisanal adventure combining know-how and modernity. Paying tribute to this iconic and extremely rare model was a major challenge for our craftsmen. Elegant and refined, our collector’s personalization is set apart by its monochrome dial, flame-blued hands, and its 4130 movement that has been entirely modified and finished by hand. The automatic system was replaced by a hand-wound mechanism developed in-house, which offers the timepiece a 72-hours power reserve. The movement is delicately enhanced by the entirely handcrafted côtes de Genève.

Every detail has been thought out and reworked to ensure that the reputation of the reference model is never compromised. The case was machined and finished by hand, the horns were satin-finished and the edges polished. The back of the case was completely sandblasted. An association of know-how magnified by each craft. A unique detail, the balance bridge was entirely designed in our workshop. It bears several finishes: extra-fine, mirror-polished, and interior angles; all meticulous watchmaking techniques that give it a timeless look.

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