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The Art of Mixing Things Up.

Insiders Knowledge: One on one with local entrepreneur Tiana Glover

Area of Expertise: Media, Graphic Design, Photography

Business: TG The Mogul, LLC


POC Mag: Tell us about TG the Mogul? Becoming TG The Mogul has been a long 10-year journey. I didn’t start out as the media mogul, but it all started in 2010 while in high school when I had to create a magazine as my graduation project. I had to find a mentor who was at the time a part of The Herald-Sun Newspaper advertising department. After graduating high school I realized I wanted to pursue Graphic Design as a career, so in 2011 I enrolled at North Carolina Central University as an art major to fulfill this goal. While in college I began to establish a name for myself as TG Graphics since I designed flyers for friends and campus organizations. While in college I chose to pick up more media skills such as photography and video production. This was challenging because I wasn’t use to actually interacting with people while working. During college, I shadowed my cousin during weddings she worked which truly sparked my interest in photography as a service to add to my growing side hustle of TG Graphics. After graduating college I started building my clients and re-branded under Tiana Glover Graphics in 2017, but was focused more on the photography side of my business rather than graphics. Still marketing myself as a graphic designer and photography but realizing I did than just graphics, but photography, media, logos, flyers, websites, clothing design, and so much more I began to refer to myself as TG The Mogul.

POC Mag: What inspired you to start your business? I truly decided to start my business after 9 years of side hustle grind, when I was booked for a media opportunity to work media at the 2019 BYOB Live conference which I am now a brand ambassador for. This conference poured so much business wisdom and insight into me that I left so filled and ready to start the LLC journey for my media agency brand and stop playing small.

POC Mag: How do you start your business work week off? I start my business week off by planning and creating content the weekend prior to my workweek. I run through emails and plan my days per client.

POC Mag: What do you find most challenging about your industry? In my industry I find it challenging trying to bypass the copy and paste designers. Being able to keep my work head the industry so that I can continue to be set apart from others in my industry.

POC Mag: Where do you draw your inspiration from? I draw inspiration from what other around me are doing. Looking to see what’s trending in the industry my client is in, but because I’m very visual anything from a font to a shirt design can spark creative inspiration for me.

POC Mag: Where is one of your favorite places to dine at in the triangle and why? One of my favorite places to dine is Red Bowl Asian Bistro. I love sushi and Chinese food.

POC Mag: What makes you stand out from the rest in your industry? I am half deaf so my senses are heightened and one thing that helps me stand out is my unmatched visual eye being super creative. My design style is very chic with the high-end gold finishes and the personable experiences I give each client.

POC Mag: Name (3) things you believe it takes to get to that next level of success? 3 things that will get you to the next level is growth in personal development, remain teachable through mentors, online classes or workshops, and networking out rather than up.

POC Mag: How do you handle adversity and doubt? I handle adversity by praying and keeping God first in my business. Adversity pushes me to be better, and switch my circumstance, just as being half deaf ha made me push my other senses to back up my hearing loss. However, with doubt I have to remind myself that it is not what God intended for me, and that He made me full of power and love. Doubt and fear cannot exist.

POC Mag: How do you plan on growing your business within the next year? Within the next year I plan to grow my business to a studio space and begin speaking from my experience as the mogul in media.

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